Creation of Universe

This is the precise story of creation of the whole nature / universe told by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. This is A Conclusive Description of 'Creation of Nature' from Sukshm Ved.

When God loving souls will read the following 'Creation of Nature' for the first time, they will feel that this is a baseless story. But on reading the evidence from all the holy true scriptures they will bite their fingers between their teeth that where was this authentic nectar-like knowledge hidden uptil now? Please keep reading with patience and keep this sacred knowledge safe. It will be useful for your next hundred and one generations.

Holy souls! Kindly read the original knowledge of the creation of nature by the SatyaNarayan (the immortal God i.e. 'SatPurush').

1. Purna Brahm: - In this Nature's Creation, SatPurush - Master (Lord) of Satlok, Alakh Purush - Master (Lord) of Alakh lok, Agam Purush - Master (Lord) of Agam lok, and Anami Purush - Master (Lord) of Anami lok is only one Purna Brahm, who is the Eternal (immortal) God in reality; who by acquiring different-different forms lives in all of His four loks, and who is the controller of infinite brahmands.

2. ParBrahm: - He is the Master (Lord) of only seven sankh brahmands. He is also known as Akshar Purush. But in reality he as well as his brahmands are not eternal.

3. Brahm: - He is the Master (Lord) of only twenty-one brahmands. He is known by Kshar Purush, Jyoti Niranjan, and Kaal etc names. He and all of his brahmands are perishable. (The evidence of the abovementioned three Purushs (gods) is also in Shri Madbhagvat Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 16-17.)

4. Brahma: - He is the eldest son of this Brahm only. Vishnu is the middle son and Shiv is the last, the third son. These three sons of Brahm are the masters (Lord) of only one department (guna) each in one brahmand and are perishable. For vivid description, please read the 'Creation of Nature' mentioned below.

KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) has Himself given the knowledge of the nature created by Him in Sukshm Ved i.e. Kabir bani (Kabir Speech) which is as follows

In the beginning, there was only one place 'Anami (Anamay) Lok', which is also known as Akah Lok. The Supreme God used to live alone in the Anami lok. The real name of that God is KavirDev i.e. God Kabir. All the souls were contained in the body of that Purna Dhani (Supreme God). This KavirDev's designated (of the Post) name is Anami Purush ('Purush' means God. God has created man in His own image/form. That is why a man is also known as 'Purush'.) The brightness of one hair follicle of Anami Purush is more than the combined light of sankh (One Hundred Padam = 10x power 17 or One Hundred Quadrillion) suns.

Important: - For instance, the name of the body of a country's Prime Minister is different, and the title of his post is 'Prime Minister'. Many times, the Prime Minister also keeps many departments with him. Then whichever department's documents he signs, at that time he writes the same post. Like, if he signs the documents of Home Ministry, then he writes himself as the Home Minister. There the power of the signature of the same person is less. Likewise, there is difference in the brightness of God Kabir (KavirDev) in different loks.

Similarly, the Almighty KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) created three other lower Loks (places), Agam Lok, Alakh Lok & Satlok) with Shabd (word). This Almighty KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) only then appeared in Agam Lok and is also the Master of Agam lok and there His title (of the position) is Agam Purush i.e. Agam Prabhu. This Agam God's human-like visible body is very bright. The light of whose one hair follicle is more than the combined light of kharab (One Hundred Arab = 10 x power 11 or One Hundred Billion) suns.

This Complete God KavirDev (Kabir Dev = Supreme God Kabir ) appeared in Alakh Lok and He Himself is also the Master of Alakh Lok, and the title (of the position) 'Alakh Purush' also belongs to this Supreme God only. This God's human-like visible body is very effulgent (swarjyoti), is self-illuminated. The light of his one hair follicle is more than the light of arab (One Billion = 10 x power 9) suns.

This very Supreme God appeared in Satlok and He only is also the Master of Satlok. Therefore, His title (of the position) only is SatPurush (the Immortal / Eternal God). He alone is also known as Akaalmurti - Shabd Swaroopi Ram - Purna Brahm - Param Akshar Brahm etc. This SatPurush KavirDev's (God Kabir's) human-like visible body is very bright whose one hair follicle's brightness is more than the combined light of crore suns and moons.

This KavirDev (God Kabir), appearing in SatPurush form in Satlok and sitting there, first did other creation in Satlok.

With one shabd (word), He created sixteen dweeps (islands). Then with sixteen shabds (words), gave rise to sixteen sons. He created one Mansarover (a very big lake in Satlok named Maansarover) and filled it with nectar. The names of the sixteen sons are: - (1) "Kurm", (2) "Gyani", (3) "Vivek", (4) "Tej", (5) "Sahaj", (6) "Santosh", (7) "Surati", (8) "Anand", (9) "Kshma", (10) "Nishkaam", (11) "Jalrangi", (12) "Achint", (13) "Prem", (14) "Dayaal", (15) "Dhairya", (16) "Yog Santayan" alias "Yogjit". 

SatPurush KavirDev entrusted the rest of Satlok's creation work to His son, Achint, and gave him power. Achint created Akshar Purush (Param Brahm) with shabd (word) and asked him for help. Akshar Purush went to Mansarover (A very big lake in Satlok) to take bath, started enjoying there and fell asleep. He did not come out for a long time. Then, on Achint's request, to wake Akshar Purush from sleep, KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) took some nectar from that Mansarover and made an egg out of it. He inserted a soul into it and put that egg in the 'nectar' water of Mansarover. The thunder of the egg disturbed Akshar Purush's sleep. He looked at the egg in anger, due to which the egg broke into two halves. From it, came out Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush) who later came to be known as 'Kaal'. Actually, his name is 'Kael'. Then, SatPurush (KavirDev) spoke through an ethervoice, "You may both come out and live in Achint's dweep. After getting the permission, both Akshar Purush and Kshar Purush (Kael) started living in Achint's dweep (children's foolishness was shown to them only, so that they should not crave for power because nothing can be successful without the Almighty).

Then the Supreme God KavirDev Himself did all the creation. With His shabd shakti (word power), created a Rajeshwari (Rashtri) Shakti (Name of Great Goddess other than Durga), with which He established all the brahmands (An elliptical region in which many loks are situated) . This is also known as Parashakti / Paranandni. Purna Brahm (Supreme God) then produced all the souls in human form like Himself from within Him, by the power of His word.

He created the body of every soul similar to (God) Himself and its brightness is equivalent to that of sixteen suns and is in human like form only. But God's body's one hair follicle has the brightness more than that of crore suns.

After a long time, Kshar Purush (Jyoti Niranjan) thought that we three (Achint - Akshar Purush - Kshar Purush) are living in one dweep and others are living in their own separate dweeps. I will also acquire a separate dweep by meditation. Having planned this, he meditated by standing on one leg for 70 yugas (ages).

How were the Souls Caught in Kaal's Trap?

Important: - When Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) was meditating, we all souls who now live in Jyoti Niranjan's twenty-one (21) brahmands, got attracted towards his meditation and started loving him from the core. We got separated from our happiness-giving God. As a result of which, we failed in our loyalty towards our Master. Even on being repeatedly warned by the Supreme God, we did not get distracted from Kshar Purush.

{This effect is present even today in creation of Kaal. Like young children get attracted towards the fake acts of filmstars (actors and actresses) and the role played by them for their living. They do not even stop on being restrained. If any actor or actress comes in a nearby city, then see how a huge crowd of those foolish youngsters gathers there just to have a glimpse of them; when they have nothing to do with them. Actors are earning their livelihood, and youngsters are getting ruined. No matter how much their parents may try to discourage them, but the children do not pay heed and keep going somewhere sometime secretively}.

Purna Brahm KavirDev (God Kabir) asked Kshar Purush, "Tell me, what do you want?" Kshar Purush said, "Father, this place is insufficient for me. Kindly grant me a separate dweep (island)". Hakka Kabir (Sat Kabir) gave him 21 (twenty-one) brahmands. After some time, Jyoti Niranjan thought that some construction should be done in it. What is the use of vacant brahmands (plots)? Thinking this, he meditated for 70 yugas and requested Supreme God KavirDev (God Kabir) for some construction material. SatPurush gave him three qualities and five elements with which Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) did some construction in his brahmands. Then he thought that there should also be some living beings in these brahmands, as I feel lonesome. With this intention, he again meditated for 64 (sixtyfour) yugas. On being asked by Supreme God Kavir Dev, he said that give me some souls, I feel very lonely here. Then SatPurush Kaviragni (Supreme God Kabir) said, "Brahm, I can give you more brahmands for yourTap (meditation), but cannot give you My souls in return for any Jap -Tap (repitition of mantra) . Yes, if any of the souls wants to go with you willingly, then one can go. On hearing Yuva Kavir's (All-Capable Kabir) words, Jyoti Niranjan came to us. We all hans-souls were already attracted towards him. We surrounded him. Jyoti Niranjan said, "I have obtained 21 separate brahmands from Father. There, I have built several luring places. Will you come with me?" We all souls who are today suffering in these 21 brahmands said that we are ready, if Father permits. Then Kshar Purush went to Purna Brahm Maha? Kavi? (All-Capable Kabir God) and told Him everything. Then Kaviragni (Supreme God Kabir) said that I will allow those who will give consent in front of me. Kshar Purush and Param Akshar Purush (Kaviramitauja / God Kabir ) both came to all of us souls (hans-aatmas). Sat KavirDev said that whichever soul wants to go with Brahm should give his consent by raising his hand. Nobody dared in front of Father. Nobody gave consent. There was pin drop silence for a long time. Thereafter, one soul dared and said, "Father, I want to go". And then in imitation of him, all of us souls [who are now trapped in Kaal's (Brahm's) 21 brahmands] gave consent too. Supreme God Kabir Ji told Jyoti Niranjan that you go to your place. I will send all those souls who have given consent to go with you, to you. Jyoti Niranjan went to his 21 brahmands. Till then, these 21 brahmands were in Satlok only.

Later, Purna Brahm gave a girl's appearance to the soul who gave the first consent, but did not create any female genitals. He inserted all the souls (who had consented to go with Jyoti Niranjan/ Brahm) in that girl's body and named her Ashtra (Aadi Maya / Prakriti Devi / Durga), and said that daughter, I have granted you 'word power' (shabd shakti). You may produce as many living beings as Brahm says.

KavirDev (God Kabir) sent Prakriti Devi to Kshar Purush through His son Sahaj Das. Sahaj Das told Jyoti Niranjan that Father has inserted all those souls who had consented to go with you in this sister's body and has granted 'word' power to her. Prakriti will produce as many living beings as you want with her word (shabd). After saying this Sahaj Das returned to his dweep.

The girl, being young, looked beautiful. Sexual desires arose in Brahm and he started misbehaving with Prakriti Devi (Other name of Durga). Durga said that Jyoti Niranjan I have the power of word, granted by Father. I will produce as many living beings as you will say. Please do not start the custom of intercourse. You have also originated from the same Father's word, from an egg, and I have also originated from that same Supreme Father's word after that. You are my elder brother. This act between a brother and a sister will lead to a heinous sin. But Jyoti Niranjan ignored all appeals of Prakriti Devi and by his word-power made female genitals on her body with his nails and tried to rape her. Immediately, Durga, in order to save herself and finding no other way out, made a miniature form of her and via Jyoti Niranjan's opened mouth, entered into his stomach. From there, she requested Purna Brahm Kavir Dev to save her.

Instantly, KavirDev (Kavir Dev / God Kabir), acquiring the appearance of His own son Yog Santayan alias Jogjot, appeared there, took the girl out of Brahm's stomach and said that Jyoti Niranjan, from now on you will be called 'Kaal'. You will have births and deaths and therefore, your name will be Kshar Purush. You will eat one lakh human beings and produce a lakh and a quarter daily. You both, along with the 21 brahmands, are expelled from here. Immediately, 21 brahmands started moving from there like an aircraft, passed Sahaj Das's dweep (island) and came 16 sankh Kos (one Kos is approximately 3 k.m.) away from Satlok and stopped. 

Special description: - Until now there has been a description of three powers.

1. Purna Brahm (Supreme Brahm) who is also known by other similar names, like SatPurush, AkaalPurush, Shabd Swaroopi Ram, Param Akshar Brahm/Purush etc. This Purna Brahm is the Master of infinite brahmands and is immortal in reality.

2. ParBrahm, who is also known as Akshar Purush. He is not immortal in reality. He is the master of seven sankh brahmands.

3. Brahm, who is known by Jyoti Niranjan, Kaal, Kael, Kshar Purush and Dharmrai etc names; he is the master of only twentyone brahmands. Now further an introduction of one brahmand of this Brahm's (Kaal) creation will be given, in which you will find three more names - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv.

Difference between Brahm and Brahma

After creating three secret places in one brahmand's highest place, Brahm (Kshar Purush) himself resides in Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv form and with the cooperation of his wife Prakriti (Durga) gives rise to three sons. He keeps their names as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv only. Brahma, who is the son of Brahm, is the minister (master) of Rajgun department in only three loks (Earth, Heaven, and NetherWorld) in one brahmand. He is called Trilokiye (of the three loks) Brahma. And Brahm, who lives in Brahmlok in Brahma-form, is called as MahaBrahma, and Brahmlokiye (Brahma of Brahm lok) Brahma. This very Brahm (Kaal) is also called SadaShiv, MahaShiv, and MahaVishnu.

Evidence in Shri Vishnu Puran: - Part-4 Adhyay 1 on Page 230- 231

Shri Brahma ji said - The unborn, all-containing, ordainer Supreme God whose beginning, middle, end, form, nature and essence we are unable to know. (Shlok 83)

Who by acquiring my form creates the world; at the time of preservation who is in the form of Purush, and who in Rudra form swallows the world; he holds the entire universe in an endless form. (Shlok 86)

Birth of Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji

Kaal (Brahm) said to Prakriti (Durga) that who can harm me now? I will do what I want. Prakriti again pleaded him to have some shame. Firstly, you are my elder brother because you (Brahm) were born from an egg by the word-power of the same Purna Parmatma (KavirDev), and later I was also born from the same God's word. Secondly, I have come out of your stomach, so I am your daughter now and you are my father. It would be highly sinful to malign these pure relationships. I have word power granted by father. I will produce as many living beings as you will say with my word. Jyoti Niranjan ignored Durga's all appeals and said that I have already got the punishment I deserved; I have been expelled from Satlok. Now I will do what ever I wish. On saying this, Kaal Purush (Kshar Purush) forcefully married Durga who then gave birth to three sons (Brahma Ji - equipped with Rajogun, Vishnu Ji - equipped with Satogun and Shiv Shankar Ji - equipped with Tamogun).

Brahm keeps the three sons unconscious through Durga until they grow up. When they grow up, Brahm brings Shri Brahma Ji into consciousness on a lotus flower, Shri Vishnu Ji on a snake bed (Shesh Shaiya) and Shri Shiv Ji on a Kailash mountain, and then assembles them together. Thereafter, gets these three married off by Prakriti (Durga), and appoints them (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) as ministers of one department each, in three loks {Heaven (Swarglok), Earth (Prithvilok) and Nether world (Patal lok)} in one brahmand. For instance, Shri Brahma Ji of Rajogun department, Shri Vishnu Ji of Satogun department and Shri Shiv Shankar Ji of Tamogun department, and himself (Brahm) in secrete (MahaBrahma - MahaVishnu - MahaShiv) form holds the post of a Chief Minister.

In one Brahmand, Brahm has created one Brahmlok. In that, he has built three secret places. One is Rajogun-dominated place where this Brahm (Kaal) himself lives in MahaBrahma (chief minister) form and keeps his wife Durga in MahaSavitiri form. The son born from them in this place automatically becomes Rajoguni. The second place has been built Satogun-dominated. There this Kshar Purush himself lives in MahaVishnu form and keeping his wife Durga in MahaLakshmi form gives birth to a son whom he names Vishnu. This child is endowed with Satogun. This Kaal only has built a third place there dominated with Tamogun. There he himself lives in SadaShiv form and keeps his wife Durga in MahaParvati form. They name the son born there from them as Shiv and endow him with Tamogun. (For reference see Holy book Shri Shiv Mahapuran, Vidhveshwar Sanhita, Page 24 - 26 in which apart from Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Maheshwar, another Sadashiv has been mentioned, and Rudra Sahita, Adhyay 6, 7 and 9, Page no. 100 to 105 and 110, translator Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur; and Holy book Shri Mad´DeviMahapuran, Third Skand, Page no. 114 to 123, Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, translator: Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Chiman Lal Goswami). Then Brahm keeps these three in ignorance, and for his food, gets living beings produced by Shri Brahma Ji, preserved by Shri Vishnu Ji (by developing love and affection in everyone to keep them in Kaal lok) and destroyed by Shri Shiv Ji [because Kaal God has to take out the grime from the immaterial/astral bodies (Sukshm Shareer This Sukshm Shareer (immaterial body) is under the material body and is made up of nine elements, in which the five elements of the material body are not present ) of one-lakh human beings to eat it, because of the effect of the curse on him. For that there is a piece of rock (tapatshila) in the twenty-first brahmand, which automatically remains hot. On that he melts the grime and then eats it. Human beings do not die but the pain is unbearable. Then, on the basis of their actions (karmas), grants other bodies to the living beings].

For example, there are three rooms in a house. If in one room, there are indecent pictures on the wall, then on entering that room, similar vulgar thoughts crop up in mind. In the second room, if there are pictures of sages, saints and devotees, then good thoughts keep emerging in the mind and one also remains engrossed in the thoughts of God. In the third room, if there are pictures of patriots and martyrs then similar passionate and zealous thoughts arise in mind. Similarly, Brahm (Kaal) with his wisdom has created the above-mentioned three places dominating in the three qualities (gunas).

What are the Three Gunas? - With Evidence

"The three gunas (qualities) are Rajgun-Brahma Ji, SatgunVishnu Ji, and Tamgun Shiv Ji. They have taken birth from Brahm (Kaal) and Prakriti (Durga) and all three are perishable."

Evidence: - Shri Shiv Mahapuran, published from Gitapress Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Page no. 24 to 26, Vidhveshwar Sanhita, and page no. 110, Adhyay 9, Rudra Sanhita

"In this way, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv, the three gods have qualities, but Shiv (Brahm-Kaal) is said to be beyond qualities."

Second evidence: - Shrimad devibhagwat Puran, published from Gitapress Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and Chiman Lal Goswami, Skand 3, Adhyay 5, page no.123 :-

God Vishnu prayed to Durga: said that I (Vishnu), Brahma, and Shankar are existing by your grace. We have birth (aavirbhaav) and death (tirobhaav). We are not eternal (immortal). Only you are eternal, are the mother of the world (jagat janani), are Prakriti, and Goddess Sanatani (existing for time immemorial). God Shiv said: If god Brahma and god Vishnu have taken birth from you, then am I, Shankar, who was born after them and perform Tamoguni leela (divine play), not your son? Henceforth, you are my mother too. Your gunas are always present everywhere in this world's creation, preservation, and destruction. Born of these three gunas (qualities), we, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar, remain devoted to work according to the regulations.

The above-mentioned description is from Shri Devimahapuran which is only translated in Hindi, in which some of the facts have been concealed. Therefore, see this very evidence in Shrimad devibhagwat Mahapuran Sabhashtikam Smahatyam, Khemraj Shri Krishna Das Prakashan Mumbai. In this, Hindi translation is written along with Sanskrit. Skand 3, Adhyay 4, Page no. 10, Shlok 42:-

Brahma Aham MaheshwarH fil te prabhawatsarve vyaM jani yuta na yada tu nityaH, Ke anye suraH shatmakh pramukhaH ch nitya nitya twamev janani PrakritiH Purana ||(42)||

Translation:- Oh Mother! Brahma, I, and Shiv take birth from your influence only, are not eternal i.e we are not immortal, then how can other Indra etc, gods be eternal. Only you are immortal, are Prakriti and Sanatani Devi (42).

Page no. 11-12 Adhyay 5, Shlok 8: -

Yadi dayardramna na sadambike kathamhaM vihitH ch tamogunaH Kamaljshch rajogunsambhavH suvihitH kimu satvguno HariH | |(8)||

Translation:- God Shankar said, "Oh Mother! If you are kind to us then why did you make me Tamogun, why did you make Brahma, who has originated from lotus, Rajgun, and why did you make Vishnu, Satgun?" i.e. why did you engage us in the evil deed of the birth and death of the living beings? 

Shlok 12: - Ramayse swapatiM purushM sada tav gatiM na hi vih vid am shive || (12)||

Translation: - You are always doing act of procreation with your husband purush i.e. Kaal God. Nobody knows your state.

Conclusion: It has been proved from the above-mentioned evidence that - Rajgun is Brahma, Satgun is Vishnu and Tamgun is Shiv. These three are perishable. Durga's husband is Brahm (Kaal). He does act of procreation with her.

Brahm's (Kaal) Vow to Remain Unmanifested

Remaining Creation of Nature from Sukshm Ved.....

After the birth of the three sons, Brahm said to his wife, Durga (Prakriti), "I pledge that in future, I will not appear before anyone in my real form. As a result of which, I will be considered unmanifested / invisible." He said to Durga, "Do not disclose my secret to anyone. I will remain hidden." Durga asked, "Will you not appear before your sons too?" Brahm said, "I will not appear before my sons and anyone else by any way of worship. This will be my permanent policy." Durga said, "This policy of yours that you will remain hidden from your sons too is not good." Then Kaal said, "Durga, I am helpless. I have been cursed to eat one-lakh human beings. If my sons (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) will become aware of this then they will not perform the task of creation, preservation, and destruction. Therefore, this bad policy of mine will remain forever. When these three sons grow up a little, make them unconscious. Do not tell them about me; otherwise, I will punish you." Fearful of this, Durga does not tell the truth.

Therefore, in Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 24, it is said that these foolish people are unfamiliar with my bad policy that I never appear before anyone and remain hidden by my Yog Maya. Therefore, they consider the unmanifested me as having come in human form i.e. consider me Krishna.

(AbuddhyH) foolish people (mm ) my (anuttamm ) bad i.e. inferior (avyyam') eternal (param bhavam ) main character (ajaanantH) not knowing (mam avyaktam') the unmanifested me (vyaktim ) in human form (aapannam ) having come (manyante) consider i.e. I am not Krishna.

Translation: Foolish people, not knowing my bad i.e. inferior, eternal, main character, consider the unmanifested/invisible me as having come in human form i.e. I am not Krishna. (Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 24)

In Gita Adhyay 11, Shlok 47 and 48, it is said that - this is my actual Kaal form. Nobody can see this i.e. attain Brahm by any method mentioned in the Vedas, or by jap (recitation of naam), tap (forced meditation), or by any other activity.

When the three children became young, then mother Bhavani (Durga/Prakriti/Ashtangi) said, "You may churn the ocean". When churned the ocean for the first time, (Jyoti Niranjan created four Vedas with his breaths and ordered them by secret speech to reside in the ocean) fourVedas came out and Brahma took them all. When the three children brought the Vedas to mother, she said that Brahma may keep the four Vedas and read them.

Note: In reality, Purna Brahm (Supreme God) had given five Vedas to Brahm i.e. Kaal. But Brahm manifested only four Vedas. He hid the fifth Ved, which Supreme God, by Himself appearing, has manifested through KavirgirbhiH i.e Kavir Vaani (Kabir Vaani / /Kabir Speech) by means of proverbs and couplets.

On churning the ocean the second time, got three girls. Mother distributed all the three. Prakriti (Durga) acquired her own three other forms (Savitri, Lakshmi and Parvati) and hid in the ocean. Then came out during churning of the ocean. That same Prakriti acquired three forms and was given in the form of 'Savitri' to god Brahma, 'Lakshmi' to god Vishnu and 'Parvati' to god Shankar, as wives. The three couples did intercourse and gave birth to both gods and demons.

{When the ocean was churned the third time, Brahma got fourteen gems; Vishnu and other gods got 'nectar'. Demons got alcohol and the righteous Shiva stored the 'venom' in his throat. All this happened a lot afterwards.}

When Brahma started reading the Vedas, he found that the Master (Purush) God of the lineage, the Creator of all the brahmands is someone else. Brahma Ji told Vishnu Ji and Shiv Ji that Vedas describe some other God as the Creator, but Vedas also say that even they do not know the mystery. For that there is an indication to ask some Tatvdarshi Saint (a saint who holds all the core knowledge). Brahma came to mother and narrated everything to her. Mother used to say that there is no one else other than me. I am the sole doer. I am the Almighty, but Brahma said that Vedas have been created by God, they cannot be untrue. Durga said that your father has sworn that he will never appear before you. Then Brahma said, "Mother, I do not trust you now. I will surely find out that Purush (God)." Durga said, "What will you do if he would not appear before you?" Brahma said that I will not show you my face. On the other hand, Jyoti Niranjan has pledged that I would remain unmanifested; I would never appear before anyone i.e. I would never appear in form in my actual 'Kaal' form in the 21 brahmands.

Gita, Adhyay no. 7, Shlok no. 24

Avyaktam , vyaktim , aapannm , manyante, mam , abuddhyaH, Param , bhaavam , ajaanantH, mm, avyyam , anuttamm ||24 ||

Translation: (AbuddhyaH) foolish people (mm) my (anuttamm ) bad/ inferior (avyyam) permanent (param ) prime (bhaavam ) character (ajaanantH) being unaware of (avyaktam ) unmanifested / invisible (mam ) me, Kaal (vyaktim ) in form incarnated as Krishna (aapannm ) to have attained (manyante) consider.

Translation: Foolish people being unaware of my bad, permanent and prime character, consider the unmanifested/invisible me, Kaal, to have incarnated in form as Krishna.

Gita Adhyay no. 7 Shlok no. 25

Na, aham , prakashH, sarvasya, yogmayasmavrtH, MoodH, ayam ,na, abhijanati, lokH, mam , ajam , avyyam || 25|

Translation: (Aham) I (yogmaya smavrtH) hidden by Yogmaya (power of bhakti) (sarvasya) everyone (PrakashH) appear before (na) do not i.e. remain invisible i.e. unmanifested, therefore (ajam ) of not taking birth (avyyam ) eternal character (ayam ) this (moodH) ignorant (lokH) living beings of the world (mam) me (na) not (abhijanati) knows i.e. consider me as having come in incarnation form.

Translation: I, hidden by Yogmaya, do not appear before everyone i.e. remain invisible i.e. unmanifested, therefore, this ignorant world does not know me and my eternal character of not taking birth i.e. consider me having come in incarnation form.

Because Brahm makes his numerous forms with his word power; he is Durga's husband, therefore is saying in this Shlok that I do not take birth from Durga like Sri Krishna etc.

Brahma's Endeavour to Search His Father Brahm

Then Durga said to Brahma Ji that Alakh Niranjan is your father but he will not appear before you. Brahma said, "I will return only after seeing him." Mother asked, "What will you do if you don't get to see him?" Brahma said, "I pledge that if I do not see father, then I will not come in front of you." On saying this, Brahma anxiously left towards North where there is darkness everywhere. There, Brahma meditated for four yugas (ages), but did not achieve anything. Through an ethervoice Kaal said, "Durga, why has the creation not been done?" Bhavani said that your eldest son, Brahma has adamantly gone in search of you. Brahm (Kaal) said, "Call him back". I will not appear before him. The entire task of creation of living beings is impossible without Brahma." Then Durga (Prakriti), with her word power, created a girl called 'Gayatri' and ordered her to bring Brahma back. Gayatri went to Brahma but he was meditating and did not feel her presence. Then Aadi Kumari (Prakriti), by telepathy, told Gayatri to touch Brahma's feet and Gayatri did the same. Brahma's meditation got disturbed and he furiously said, "Who is this sinner who has interrupted my meditation, I will curse you." Gayatri said, "It is not my fault. First, listen to me and then you may curse me. Mother has sent me to bring you back because living beings cannot be created without you." Brahma said, "How can I return? I have not seen father and will be ridiculed if I return like this. If you say in front of mother that Brahma has seen father (Jyoti Niranjan) and be my eyewitness then I will return with you." Gayatri said that if you will have sex with me, then I will be your false witness. Brahma thought that I could not see father and will feel ashamed in front of mother if I return like this. Seeing no other way out, he did sex with Gayatri.

Then Gayatri said, "Let us prepare one more witness." Brahma said, "That would be good." Gayatri created another girl named 'Puhapvati' by her word power. Both told her to testify that Brahma saw his father. Puhapvati said, "Why should I give false statement? Yes, if Brahma does intercourse with me, then I can be his false witness." Gayatri persuaded Brahma that there was no other way out. Brahma did sex with Puhapvati, and then the three came to Durga (Aadi Maya / Prakriti). The two women had kept the abovementioned condition because they knew that if Brahma would disclose their false statements to mother, then mother would curse them. Therefore, they made him a culprit too.

(Here, Maharaj Garib Das Ji says Das Garib, Yeh Chook Dhuron Dhur)

Mother's (Durga) Curse to Brahma

Mother Durga asked Brahma, "Did you see your father?" Brahma said, "Yes, I have seen father." Durga said, "Tell me any witness." Then Brahma said, "I saw him in front of these two." The Goddess asked those two girls, "Did he see Brahm in front of you?" Then the two said, "Yes, we have seen with our own eyes." Bhavani (Prakriti) became suspicious. She thought that Kaal told me that he would never appear before anyone, but these three are saying that they have seen him! Ashtangi meditated and asked Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) by telepathy, "What is this story?" Jyoti Niranjan said, "These three are lying." Then, mother told the three of them, "You are lying. An ethervoice (aakashvaani) has declared that these three have not obtained any audience." On hearing this, Brahma said, "Mother, I had sworn to go in search of father (Brahm). But I did not see him (Brahm). I was ashamed of returning to you. Therefore, we lied." Then Mother (Durga) said, "Now I will curse you."

Curse on Brahma: You will not be worshipped in the world. Your descendents will be frauds. They will con people by their dishonest and untrue talks. They will appear to be doing religious ceremonies from outside, but will commit vices from inside. They will tell tales from the Purans, but themselves will have no knowledge about the truth stated in the Satgranths (true scriptures / holy books). Inspite of that they will become gurus to gain respect and money and will narrate lokved (hearsay / baseless stories as opposed to the true scriptures) to their followers. They will bear hardships by worshipping and making others worship gods and goddesses and by criticising others. They will not guide the right path to their followers. They will deceive the world for money. They will consider themselves to be superior and others as inferiors. When Brahma heard all this from mother, he fainted and fell on the ground. He came into consciousness after a long time.

Curse on Gayatri: You will become cow in Mritlok (Earth) and will have many bulls as your male partners.

Curse on Puhapvati: You will grow in swamp. Nobody will use your flowers for worshipping. You will have to experience this hell for your false statement. Your name will be 'Kevra Ketki' (in Haryana, it is called 'Kusaundhi'. This grows in a marshyland).

Mother Bhavani (Durga) repented after cursing the three of them. {Similarly, a human being first performs a wrong deed under the effect of mind (Kaal Niranjan), and when later realises under the effect of soul (part of SatPurush), then repents. Like, parents beat their children for a small mistake because of anger, but later repent a lot. This phenomenon is present in all the human beings because of the effect of mind (Kaal Niranjan)}. Yes, here one thing is important that Niranjan (Kaal-Brahm) has also made his law that if any living being will hurt a weaker living being, then he will have to pay for it. When Aadi Bhavani (Prakriti / Durga / Ashtangi) cursed Brahma, Gayatri and Puhapvati, then Alakh Niranjan (Brahm - Kaal) said, "Oh, Bhavani (Prakriti/Durga/Ashtangi)! What you did was not right." Now, I (Niranjan) curse you that you will have five husbands in Dwaparyug. (Draupadi was an incarnation of Aadi Maya only). Aadi Maya, on hearing this ethervoice, said that Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal), I am at your pity now, do whatever you wish.

Vishnu's Departure in Search of His Father Brahm and Being Blessed by His Mother Durga

After this, Mother Durga (Prakriti) asked Vishnu, "Son, you may also search for your father." Vishnu, in search of his father (Kaal-Brahm), went to Patal lok (Nether world), where there was 'Sheshnaag'. On seeing Vishnu entering into his jurisdiction, he sprayed his venom furiously on Vishnu. Vishnu's skin colour turned black under the effect of the venom, as if he was spray-painted. Vishnu thought of fixing that snake. Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) thought of pacifying Vishnu and through an ethervoice, ordered Vishnu that now you go back to your mother and tell her the entire true account, and whatever trouble Sheshnaag has caused you now, you may take its revenge from him in Dwaparyug. In Dwaparyug, you (Vishnu) will incarnate as 'Krishna', and Sheshnaag will incarnate as a snake named 'Kalindri' in Kalideh (a river).

Unch hoi ke neech sataave, taakar oel (revenge) mohi so paavae |
Jo jeev deyi peer puni kahoon, hum puni oel divaavein taahoon ||

Then, Vishnu came to his mother and told the truth that I did not see father. Mother Durga (Prakriti) was very much pleased with this and said, "Son, you are truthful. Now I will introduce you to your father by my power and will remove all your doubts."

Kabir dekh putra tohi pita bhitaun, tore man ka dhokha mitaun |
Man swaroop karta keh jaano, man te dooja aur na maano |
Swarg patal daur man kera, man asthir man ahae anera |
Nirankar man hi ko kahiye, man ki aas nish din rahiye |
Dekh hoon palti sunya meh jyoti, jahan par jhilmil jhalar hoti ||

In this way, Mother Durga (Ashtangi/Prakriti) told Vishnu that man (mind) is the Doer of the world (which governs the world); this only is Jyoti Niranjan. The thousand lights, which you see in meditation, only is his appearance. The sound of conch shells and bells etc. which you hear are Brahm's only, and are ringing in Mahaswarg. Mother Durga (Ashtangi/Prakrti) said that son, you are the king of all gods and I will fulfil all your wishes and tasks. You will be worshipped in the whole world because you have told me the truth.

It is a particular habit of all the living beings in Kaal's twentyone brahmands that they try to uselessly glorify themselves. Like, Durga is telling Vishnu Ji that you will be worshipped in the world. I have shown your father to you. Durga misled Vishnu by only showing him the light. Shri Vishnu Ji also started explaining this state of God to his followers that only God's light is visible. God is formless.

After this, Aadi Bhavani (Durga) went to Rudra (Mahesh Ji) and said that Mahesh, you may also search for your father. Both of your brothers did not get to see your father. I have given them whatever I had to. Now you may ask whatever you want. Mahesh said, "Oh, mother! If both of my elder brothers did not get to see father, then it will be useless for me to try. Please give me such a blessing that I may become immortal (mrityunjay/win over death). Mother said, "I cannot do this. Yes, I can tell you a method by which you will attain the longest life. The method is meditation (therefore, Mahadev Ji mostly remains in meditation)."

In this way, Mother Durga (Ashtangi / Prakriti) distributed the departments to her three sons -

  • God Brahma, to create bodies of 84 lakh species of life in Kaal lok30 i.e. gave him the department of producing living beings by compelling them for reproduction of offsprings under the effect of Rajogun.
  • To god Vishnu, the department of nurturing these living beings (according to their actions), and maintaining the state by developing love and affection.
  • To god Shiv Shankar (Mahadev), the department of destruction because their father Niranjan has to daily consume one-lakh human beings.

Here a question will arise in the mind that how do creation, preservation and destruction occur by Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar Ji.

These three live in their own loks. Like, these days to run the communication system, satellites are launched above in the sky, and they run the communication system on the Earth. Similarly, wherever these three gods live, the subtle (sukshm) waves of the gunas (qualities) radiating from their bodies automatically maintain an effect on every living being in the three loks.

The above-mentioned description is of Brahm's (Kaal) creation in one Brahmand. There are twenty-one such brahmands of Kshar Purush (Kaal).

But Kshar Purush (Brahm/Kaal) himself never appears before anyone in his visible i.e actual bodily form. The three gods (Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji, and Shiv Ji) did not see Brahm (Kaal) despite doing worship to the best of their ability based on the methods mentioned in the Vedas to achieve him (Kaal). Later, Rishis (sages) read the Vedas. In it, it is written that "AgneH Tanur Asi" (Holy Yajurved, Adhyay 1, Mantra 15) - the Supreme God has a body. And in Holy Yajurved, Adhyay 5, Mantra 1, it is written that "AgneH Tanur Asi Vishnve Tva Somasya Tanur Asi". In this mantra, Ved is stating twice that the omnipresent and preserver of all, Sat Purush, has a body.

In Holy Yajurved, Adhyay 40, Mantra 8, it is said that (Kavir Manishi) the God for whom every living being is yearning, He is Kavir i.e. Kabir. His body is without blood vessels (Asanaaviram ) and is devoid of a physical body (Akaayam ) made up of the five elements formed from seminal fluid (Shukram´). That Master of all is seated in the topmost Satlok. That Supreme God has a self-illuminated (Swarjyoti) body made up of the masses of lights (tejpunj), which is in shabd/word-form i.e. is eternal. He is the same KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) who is the creator of all the brahmands (Vyaddhata), (SwayambhuH) who appears Himself i.e. is self-existent (Yatha tathya arthan ) in reality (Shashvat´) is eternal (this is also evident in Gita, Adhyay 15, and Shlok 17). It means that the name of the body of Purna Brahm is Kabir (Kavir Dev). The body of that Supreme God is made up of the element of light. The body of God is very subtle and becomes visible to only that worshipper whose divine vision has opened up. Similarly, the living being also has a subtle body which is covered by a layer i.e. body made up of the five elements which is formed from the seminal fluid (shukram ) by the union of mother-father. Even after leaving the body, the subtle body remains with a living being. That body is only visible to a worshipper whose divine vision has opened up. Understand the state of the Supreme God and a living being in this way.

In Vedas, there is a evidence of chanting (Sumiran) 'Om ' mantra, which is only sadhna of Brahm. With this aim, considering the 'Om ' mantra as of the Purna Brahm, the sages (Rishis) tried to attain God by meditating (hath yog) for thousands of years. But did not see God, just gained supernatural powers (siddhis). By playing with those siddhis-like toys, the sages remained in the cycle of life and death and wrote God as 'formless' in the books based on their own experiences.

Brahm (Kaal) has pledged that I will never appear before anyone in my real form. I will be considered 'invisible' ('invisible' means that somebody is in form but does not manifest personally in physical form. Like, in the daytime the sun disappears as the sky becomes cloudy. It is not visible, but in reality, is present as it is behind the clouds; this state is called 'invisible'/unmanifested). [For evidence see Gita, Adhyay 7, Shloka 24 -25; Adhyay 11, Shloka 48 and 32].

Brahm (Kaal), the narrator of the Holy Gita Ji, by entering into Shri Krishan ji's body like a ghost, is saying, "Arjun, I am an enlarged Kaal and have come here to eat everyone (Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 32). This is my original appearance, which neither could anybody see before you, nor would anyone be able to see in future. This means that nobody can see this original form of mine by the method of yagya-jap-tap and the 'Om ' naam etc. mentioned in the Vedas (Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 48). I am not Krishna; these foolish people are considering the invisible/unmanifested me, as being visible/manifested (in human form) as Krishna because they are unaware of my bad policy that I never appear before anyone in this original Kaal form of mine. I remain hidden by my Yogmaya (Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 24, 25). Please think: - Why is he himself calling his policy of remaining hidden as bad/inferior (anuttam)?

If a father does not even appear before his sons, then there is a fault in him because of which he is hidden, and is also providing all the facilities to them. Kaal (Brahm) has to daily eat one-lakh human beings because of the curse on him. He has created 84 lakh births / life forms (yoni) to fix the extra 25 percent born daily and to make them bear the punishment of their actions (karmas). If Brahm eats someone's daughter, someone's wife, someone's son, and motherfather in front of him or her then everybody will start hating him, and whenever the Supreme God Kaviragni (God Kabir) comes himself or sends any messenger (sandeshvaahak) of his, then all the human beings, by doing true devotion (Sat-bhakti) will get out of Kaal's trap. Therefore, Brahm deceives everyone. He also mentions the salvation (mukti) from his devotion as 'the worst' (Anuttamam ) and his policy as 'worst' (Anuttam ) in Holy Gita, Adhyay 7, Shlok 18, 24 and 25.

In the Brahmlok in every brahmand, he has built a Mahaswarg . In a Mahaswarg (Great Heaven), at one place he has created a fake Satlok - fake Alakh lok - fake Agamlok and fake Anami lok through Prakriti (Durga / Aadi Maya) to deceive the human beings. There is a shabd (hymn) of God Kabir:-

 "Kar naino deedaar mahal mein pyaara hai". In it there is a speech that "Kaaya bhed kiya nirvaara, yeh sab rachna pind manjhaara hai Maya avigat jaal pasaara, so kaarigar bhaara hai Aadi Maya kinhi chaturaai, jhuthi baaji pind dikhaai, avigat rachna rachi and maahi, vaaka pratibimb daara hai "

In a brahmand, there is creation of other loks also, like Shri Brahma ji's lok, Shri Vishnu ji's lok and Shri Shiv ji's lok. From here, the three gods become the master of and govern, one region in each of the three lower loks [(Swarg lok) Heaven which is Indra's lok, (Prithvi lok) Earth and (Patal lok) Nether world] and hold the responsibility of creating, preserving and destroying the living beings for the food of their father. The three gods also have births and deaths. Then Kaal eats them too.

In this very brahmand [a brahmand is also known as 'and' (egg-shaped) because a brahmand has an elliptical shape. It is also known as 'pind' because a brahmand's creation can be seen in lotuses (kamal) in the body (pind) as in a television], there is also a Mansarover and Dharmrai's (justice) lok. Like every country has an embassy, the Supreme God also lives in a different form, in a secret place, in every brahmand. Nobody can go there. Those souls live there whose Satlok's bhakti is balance yet. When bhakti Yug comes, then at that time, Supreme God Kabir ji sends His representative Complete Saint Satguru. At that time, these pious souls are born as human beings on earth and they soon acquire Sat bhakti (true devotion) and after taking initiation from Satguru attain complete salvation. The earlier earned bhakti of the pious souls (Hans-aatmas) in that place does not get expended. All the facilities are provided from God's repository. Whereas, the bhakti earnings of Brahm's (Kaal) worshippers are utilized in the Swarg - Mahaswarg because in this Kaal lok (Brahm lok) and Parbrahm's lok, the living beings only get returns for what they have done.

Kshar Purush (Brahm) has divided his twenty brahmands into four Mahabrahmands. In one Mahabrahmand, he has grouped five brahmands and has blocked them by encircling from all four sides in an elliptical shape. He has then blocked the four Mahabrahmands by encircling them in elliptical shape. He has created the twenty-first brahmand in the space of one Mahabrahmand. On just entering the twenty-first brahmand, he has built three pathways. In the twenty-first brahmand also, on the left hand side, has built fake Satlok, fake Alakh lok, fake Agam lok and fake Anami lok with the help of Aadi Maya (Durga), to deceive living beings. And on the right hand side, keeps the twelve greatest Brahm worshippers (Bhakts). Then, in every yug sends them on Earth as his messengers (sant satguru), who impart ways of worship and knowledge which are not in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, and who themselves become devotionless (bhaktiless) and also entangle their followers in Kaal's web. Then both that Guruji and his followers go to hell.

In the front, Kaal has put a lock (kuluf). That pathway goes to Kaal's (Brahm's) own lok where this Brahm (Kaal) lives in his actual human-like form. In this place there is a griddle-like piece of rock (which itself remains hot) on which, he roasts the subtle bodies of one-lakh human beings and taking out grime (mael) from them eats it. At that time all the living beings suffer from excruciating pain and start screaming and then after sometime become unconscious. The living beings do not die. Then after going to Dharmrai's lok obtain different births based on their karmas (deeds) and the cycle of life and death goes on. Brahm opens the aforesaid lock in front for fractions of a second for only those living beings who are his food. This lock itself opens up by Purna Parmatma's (Supreme God's) Satyanaam and Saarnaam.

In this way Supreme God KavirDev (God Kabir) Himself explained the Kaal's trap to his own devote Dharmdas Ji.

(This is the true story of Creation of Nature as explained by God Kabir)

The Establishment of ParBrahm's Seven Sankh Brahmands

Supreme God Kabir (KavirDev) has later mentioned that ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) committed a breach in his duty because he fell asleep in Mansarovar and when Supreme God (I i.e. God Kabir) left the egg in that lake then ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) looked at it in anger. Because of these two offences he, along with seven sankh brahmands, was also expelled from Satlok. The second reason was that ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) became restless after departure of his friend Brahm (Kshar Purush). He started missing Brahm, forgetting the Supreme Father KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir). ParBrahm thought that Kshar Purush (Brahm) must be enjoying a lot and I am left behind. The other souls who along with ParBrahm are experiencing the punishment of their actions as birthdeath in the seven-sankh brahmands, got lost in the thoughts of the departure of those Hans-aatmas (souls), who are trapped in Brahm's (Kaal's) twenty-one brahmands and forgot the Supreme God, KavirDev who is the giver of all happiness. Even on being repeatedly advised by God Kavir Dev their yearning did not lessen. ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) thought it would be good if I also obtain a separate place. Thinking this, with the purpose of obtaining a kingdom he started reciting Saarnaam.

Similarly, the other souls (who are trapped in ParBrahm's seven sankh brahmands) thought that those souls who have gone with Brahm will make merry and we are left behind. ParBrahm made an assumption that Kshar Purush must be very happy after separating. Thinking this, he decided in his inner self to obtain a separate place. ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) did not do Hath Yog (meditation), but kept doing simple meditation (Sahaj Samadhi) with great passion only to obtain a separate kingdom. To obtain a separate place, he started roaming frantically and even gave up eating and drinking. Other souls got attracted towards his renunciation and started loving him. On being asked by Supreme God, ParBrahm asked for a separate place and also requested for some souls. Then KavirDev said that I will send the souls who willingly want to go with you. Supreme God asked that whichever Hans-aatma (soul) wants to go with ParBrahm, please give consent. After a long time one Hans gave consent and many other souls in imitation of that gave consent too. God made the soul who gave consent first, a girl, named her Ishwri Maya (Prakriti Surati). He put all other souls in that Ishwari Maya and sent her to Akshar Purush (ParBrahm) with Achint. (They got the punishment for failing in loyalty towards their Master.) For many yugas, both lived in seven sankh brahmands, but ParBrahm did not misbehave with her. ParBrahm married Ishwari Maya with her consent. He then by his word power made female genitals in her with his nails and reproduced offsprings on Ishwari Devi's approval. Therefore, in ParBrahm's lok (seven sankh brahmands) living beings do not have the suffering of tapatshila. Even the animals and birds over there have a better character than the gods of Brahm lok. The life span is also very long, but still there is life-death, punishment according to karmas (deeds), and bread can only be earned by doing hard work. Heaven and hell are also built in a similar fashion. God granted seven sankh brahmands to ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) in return for his wishful simple meditation (Sahaj Samadhi), and blocking the brahmands at a different place from Satlok in a circular shape, expelled Akshar Brahm and Ishwari Maya along with seven sankh brahmands.

Purna Brahm (SatPurush) is the Master (God) of the infinite (asankh) brahmands in Satlok, twenty-one brahmands of Brahm and ParBrahm's seven sankh brahmands. This means that Purna Brahm KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) is the Master of the lineage.

Shri Brahma ji, Shri Vishnu ji and Shri Shiv ji have four arms each and have 16 Kalaas (arts/skills). Prakriti Devi (Durga) has eight arms and 64 Kalaas (arts/skills). Brahm (Kshar Purush) has one thousand arms, one thousand Kalaas and is God of twenty-one brahmands. ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) has ten thousand arms, has ten thousand Kalaas and is God of seven sankh brahmands. Purna Brahm (Param Akshar Purush / SatPurush) has infinite Kalaas and along with Brahm's twenty-one brahmands and ParBrahm's seven sankh brahmands, is the God of infinite brahmands. Every God, after gathering his arms can keep only two arms and can also make all his arms appear whenever he wishes.

Supreme God also lives secretively in different forms, building different places in every brahmand of ParBrahm. For instance, a moving camera is fixed outside and a TV is kept inside. On the inside TV, all the outside views can be seen. Now, a second TV is placed outside and a stationary camera inside. On the second TV outside, only the picture of the organiser sitting inside is visible and because of this all the workers remain alert. Similarly, Purna Parmatma (the Supreme God) is controlling everyone, sitting in His Satlok and Satguru KavirDev is also present in every brahmand. Like, the sun, even when far away is maintaining its effect on other loks.